Centurion: Kamae Shotokan-Ryu

Explanation of what Kamae (構え) means

The word Kamae (構え) means: “The fighting position with focus on attack or defence. It can be further distinguished in physical readiness or kamae of the body (migamae) with emphasis on technique (waza), distance (maai), rhythm (hyoshi) and breathing (kokyu) and mental readiness or kamae of the ki (kigamae). This encompasses mainly the alertness (zanshin), fighting spirit (kihaku) and perceptiveness (yomi).” According to SCHLATT (2001) The Shotokan-karate dictionary. Michael Götzelmann. Germany.

Alta was the head coach of the junior team which participated in the World Karate Confederation’s Championships in 2000 in Valencia, Spain where they won four medals.

Since then Alta and her students have participated on a regular basis at various world championships, starting with the WKC Senior Championships in 2001 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Alta has also been a tour manager from 2000.  As a participant she won the kata category in 2003 at the WKC Intercontinental Championships and placed second in 2005 at the WKC’s World Championships in Brazil.  Since 2003 Alta has served at various World Championships as   referee and has been a chief referee since 2006.  She qualified as a WUKO Chief Referee in 2008 and currently holds the position of a WUKF Chief Referee.

Beginners’ classes commence in February and August each year.

Mondays and Thursdays

  • 17:00 – 17:45 Beginners
  • 17:45 – 18:30 Yellow to blue belts
  • 18:30 – 19:30 Seniors


Alta Venter

Alta Venter

Head Instructor

Alta Venter is the head instructor of Kamae Karate Club.  She started practicing karate in 1974 and began teaching karate in 1980 and opened her first club in 1985.  Kanazawa Sensei graded her to second Dan in 1985, Kasuya Sensei graded her to third Dan in 1990 and in 1996 she was graded to fourth Dan by Kase Sensei. In 2002 she was graded by Sensei Koos Burger to 5th Dan and to 6th Dan in 2009.  Her grading is recognised by the International Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Shihankai (ISKS).

International participation:

  • 2001 Aberdeen, Scotland WKC World Championships Senior Category
  • 2003 Buenos Aires, Argentina – WKC Intercontinental World Championships  1st in Kata Category
  • 2005 Fortaleza, Brazil WKC World Championships 2nd in Kata Category
  • Training with International instructors:
  • Kanazawa Sensei,   Kasuya Sensei, Tamburini Sensei, Kawamura Sensei, Sensei Opeloski
  • 1993 London – Kase Sensei, Shirai Sensei, Naito Sensei, Kawazu Sensei
  • 1996 RSA – Kase Sensei
  • 2000 Andorra – Kase Sensei
  • 2002 Andorra – Kase Sensei
  • 2018 RSA – Sensei Lecourt
  • 2019 RSA – Bertel Sensei

Team Coach

  • 2000 Valencia, Spain – WKC World Championships
  • 2001 Aberdeen, Scotland for the WKC World Championships

Referee at International world championships:

  • 2003 Buenos Aires, Argentina – WKC Intercontinental
  • 2004 Pretoria, RSA – JSKA World Championships
  • 2005 Fortaleza, Brasil – WKC World Senior Championships
  • 2006 SASKA Chief Referee
  • 2006 Cluj, Romania – WUKO World Children’s Championships and qualify as a Referee
  • 2007 Pretoria – SASKA WUKO Intercontinental Championships
  • 2008 São Paulo, Brasil – WUKO Intercontinental Championships and qualify as a Chief Referee
  • 2008 Jesolo, Italia – WUKO World Children’s Championships
  • 2010 Saõ Paulo, Brasil WUKF Chief Referee
  • 2011 Lignano, Italia – WUKF Senior World Championships
  • 2012 Novi Sad, Serbia – WUKF Children’s World Championships
  • 2014 Szczecin, Poland – WUKF Children’s World Championships
  • 2016 Dublin, Ireland: Chief Referee – WUKF World Championships
  • 2018 Dundee, Scotland: Chief Referee – WUKF World Championships

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