Joza Karate Club

Joza Indoor Sports Centre, Extension 6, Joza & Tantyi Community Hall, Grahamstown

Joza Karate Club offers weekly training at two venues in the townships of Grahamstown. The Club’s primary objective is to provide an after-school activity for the youth in order to keep them away from unlawful activities. As a result, a disciplined, healthy and focused life-style is prioritised through the practice of traditional karate-do.

Joza Karate Club has also excelled in the sports arena, and has produced a number of national champions. These include six members who were selected to represent UWKSA at the UWK World Championships in Italy in 2017. The Club continues to produce a growing number of black belt karateka.

All grades

Joza Indoor Sports Centre, 17:00 – 18:30, Mon to Thurs: Mzwandile Matebese

Tantyi Community Hall, 17:00 – 18:00, Tues & Thurs: Mzwandile Matebese

Mzwandile Matebese

Joza Head Instructor

Mzwandile started Karate in 1995 in Port Elizabeth. Apart from dedicating much of his time to instructing at the Joza Karate Club which he established in 2004, he is also a regular and well-known competitor in the veteran men’s black belt kata and kumite categories. Mzwandile has obtained provincial and style national colours in the past.

He has trained with a number of senior South African instructors and international instructors including Murakami Manabu Sensei and Andre Bertel Sensei. In 2017 Mzwandile was graded to Yondan (4th dan) by Sensei Koos Burger. Mzwandile is the Vice Chairperson and a founder member of United Shotokan-Ryu (USR).

You can contact Mzwandile via WhatApp or the form on this page. The Facebook page for the club is at

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ECSR dojos

East Cape Shotokan-Ryu: Main dojo

Venue: Hill Street Dojo, Masonic Complex, Hill Street  (Near the corner of Hill Street and African Street)

Instructors: Gary Grapentin, Maureen De Jager, Elvis Sinam (Tues/Thurs) & Alex Holland, Tanya Poole (Mon & Weds)

East Cape Shotokan-Ryu Port Alfred

Venue: Girl Guide Hall, Causeway Rd (Opposite the Kenrich Motors Dealership on Causeway Road)

Instructors: Gary Grapentin, Assisted by Kevin Aitchison and Ashton Court

East Cape Shotokan-Ryu Kenton on Sea

Venue: Kenton on Sea Primary School, Kareiga Road (Kariega Rd is the main road leading into Kenton on Sea).

Instructors: Gary Grapentin

Rhodes University Shotokan Karate Club

Venue: The Hangar (Situated on campus at Rhodes University in the lane behind the Media Matrix Building)

Instructors: Garu Grapentin, Murray Millin and Lutho Singata

East Cape Shotokan-Ryu Alicedale Karate Project

Joza Karate Club

Venue: Joza Indoor Sports Centre, Extension 6, Joza & Tantyi Community Hall, Grahamstown

Instructor: Mzwandile Matebese