Alberton (Johannesburg South)

Our dojo can assist you in developing self-defence skills, building self-confidence or in becoming a karate champion.  Karate also has the potential to unite families, whether through training together, or simply by supporting one another at tournaments and championships.

My passion is to teach karate, and to share the way of the empty hand. Karate is for everyone, regardless of age, or physical or mental disabilities.

Students are able to make friends, learn self-defence, conquer ADHD, integrate the two brain halves, boost self-esteem, improve concentration, improve spatial orientation, improve gross motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, learn self-respect and respect for others, improve self-discipline, participate individually, as well as in a team, but most importantly have fun.

There’s one thing that I can guarantee you, and that is karate is one of the best arts you can participate in as it develops both mind and body.  It has no age restriction, no time limit, and you progress and grade at your own pace.  Karate offers a holistic approach to life and a set of principles to follow, which I believe are achievable for all.  I urge you to attend a class to experience this for yourself.

You are welcome to try a free lesson or two before joining.

Address:  Bracken Villa, corner of Vermooten & Atmore Streets, Brackenhurst, Alberton. Neighbouring suburbs are Glenvista, Glenanda, Oakdene, Bassonia, Meyersdal and Mulbarton.

Mondays and Wednesdays: 17.30 to 18.30 Junior class (white to green) all ages | 18.30 to 19.30 Senior class (blue to black) all ages

Paul Da Silva

SWSKD Head instructor

My karate started in the early 1980’s where I trained under Sensei Stan Schmidt, Sensei Keith Geyer and Sensei Derrick Geyer. Their dojo was situated in a small suburb of Germiston called Dinwiddie which was where I grew up.  When I was a teenager, and thinking that I knew everything, I stopped karate because it was no longer considered the “cool” thing to do.  Later this became one of my greatest regrets.  However at the age of 25, I restarted my karate training, and began working my way through all the student (kyu) belt levels eventually achieving yondan (4th dan black belt) in 2015. I achieved all of my dan grades (black belt levels) through Sensei Koos Burger (9th Dan black belt), the Technical Director of ISKS and the Vice President of WUKF.

I view tournaments as an important way for students to gain self-confidence in a controlled environment.  Winning at tournaments is however not everything in life, and not expected. The experience itself far outweighs the value of winning a medal.  Participation and giving of your best is by far the most important lesson.

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