Starting karate with USR

Karate-do is a discipline for both mind and body and benefits children and adults of all ages and body-types. Consistent practice strengthens the entire body while simultaneously encouraging the development of self-discipline and good character. In addition to being an effective and practical form of self-defense, karate is also an excellent form of exercise. It improves self-confidence, coordination, concentration and focus, and promotes a positive attitude and a healthy way of life. Furthermore karate has become increasingly popular as an activity which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

For beginners or karateka wishing to join USR please refer to our list of dojos. Instructors interested in affiliating their karateka and dojos to USR may contact Gary Grapentin via the contact form below for further information.


Hi! You're at the new home of USR Karate. Please bear with us as we get the site up and running. Email us

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